Saturday, May 5, 2012

£200 to £10,000

A millionaire, I'm sure we'd all love to be one, I know I would.
I've tried this before and learnt from my error strun ways so heres to attempt number 3
Just won £200 on the devils game, and not that I'm flush but I thought rather than withdraw it id try and do something with it, speculate to accumulate as they say!!
If you ask my friends I'm the luckiest person alive gambling, when you have a 5 team football acca, only one team is letting you down with 5mins left, they're 2-0 down and they win 3-2 thats says it all!!
So anyway the idea is to start with a whopping £200, hopefully a bet a day and see what happens so watch this space for tomorrows bet :)

Much love

G. Ambler x

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