Monday, May 7, 2012

Tigers to Falter

Searching for a decent bed for today to start my journey I was coming up blank, until I remember the sporting event I was going to watch in a few hours.  Castleford Tigers vs Widnes Vikings.
As I loaded the page the figure 18 stood out at me yes thats right Widnes are getting 18 start, I know they've conceded 500+ points already this year but the simple fact is Castleford cant defend for toffee either.  Add to that the fact they struggle to score without Rangi Chase who is suspended means they'll be lucky to score 18 all game never mind score 18 more than the opposition, which is why my BOTD is Widnes Vikings with 18 start.

£50win - Widnes(+18) Evns vs Castleford Tigers

G. Ambler

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